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Post-operative Rehabilitation Protocols


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Ankle - Achilles Tendon Repair

Elbow - Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

Elbow - Epicondylitis (Lateral) and ECRB Repair

Elbow - Epicondylitis (Medial) and Flexor-Pronator Repair

Elbow - Triceps Tendon Repair

Elbow - UCL Reconstruction

Knee - ACL Reconstruction

Knee - Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair

Knee - Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy

Knee - Arthroscopic Synovectomy

Knee - Cartilage Repair

Knee - MACI

Knee - MCL Repair

Knee - Meniscal Transplant

Knee - Microfracture (MFC, LFC, MTP, LTP)

Knee - Microfracture (Patella, Trochlear Groove)

Knee - MPFL Reconstruction

Knee - Multiligament Reconstruction

Knee - ORIF OCD Lesion Stage 1

Knee - ORIF OCD Lesion Stage 2

Knee - ORIF PCL Facet Fracture

Knee - ORIF Tibial Spine Fracture

Knee - Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation

Knee - Osteochondral Autograft and Mosaicplasty

Knee - Osteotomy (Distal Femur)

Knee - Osteotomy (High Tibial)

Knee - Osteotomy (Tibial Tubercle) and Distal Realignment

Knee - Patellar Tendon Debridement

Knee - Patellar Tendon Repair

Knee - PCL Reconstruction

Knee - PLC Repair or Reconstruction

Knee - Proximal Realignment (MPFL Reconstruction)

Knee - Quadriceps Tendon Repair

Shoulder - AC Joint Reconstruction

Shoulder - Arthroscopy (AC Joint Resection, Biceps Tenotomy, Debridement, Sub Decomp)

Shoulder - Biecps Tenodesis

Shoulder - ORIF Clavicle Fracture

Shoulder - ORIF Greater Tuberosity Fracture

Shoulder - Pectoralis Major Repair

Shoulder - Rotator Cuff Repair and Subacromial Decompression

Shoulder - SC Joint

Shoulder - SLAP Repair

Shoulder - Stabilization (Anterior)

Shoulder - Stabilization (Open) and Latarjet or Coracoid Transfer

Shoulder - Stabilization (Posterior)

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