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Prior-to-Visit Information


We are glad you have chosen Dr. Jones and his staff to assist with your medical care. We will do everything to make your visit with us as efficient and informative as possible. In order to facilitate this, here a few things you might consider prior to arriving for your specialty consultation:

1) WHAT HURTS? - If your injury was the result of an acute event, please take note of the exact date of the injury and how it occurred. If you can not attribute your symptoms to a specific injury, take some time to determine which specific activities (everyday or athletic) worsen your symptoms. Try to recall if a recent change in activity may have contributed to your symptoms. 

2) GATHER RECORDS - Many of our patients are referred by other physicians for primary evaluation or a second opinion, and thus you may have already obtained routine imaging prior to your visit. Please remember to bring your MRI, CT, or x-ray images on a CD to your appointment. Any reports or arthroscopic images from previous surgeries can help Dr. Jones accurately assess your injury.  

3) ONLINE FORMS - In order to make your office appointment as efficient as possible, we strongly encourage patients to fill out all forms prior to their visit. You will receive a notification email with a link to access all forms through the UCLA online portal. Please check your junk/spam folders if you did not receive this email. Alternatively, all new patient forms can be found under the "New Patient Questionnaire" tab. If you are having difficulty with any online forms, please contact Dr. Jones' academic office at 310-825-6095

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