Preparing for Surgery


Dr. Jones operates on Mondays at the UCLA Outpatient Surgery Center and Tuesdays at the Surgery Center of the South Bay. Dr. Jones' office staff will work with you to coordinate the most convenient time and location for your surgical procedure. While the date for your procedure will be determined several weeks prior to surgery, the exact time may not be known. The surgery center staff will contact you the day prior to surgery to confirm the exact time of your procedure and when you should arrive to ensure enough time is available to complete all registration forms and safely prepare you for surgery. On the day of surgery, please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that will accommodate any postoperative immobilization (e.g. sling, brace, splint) that may be applied to the arm or leg after surgery. 


UCLA Outpatient Surgery Center 

Peter Morton Medical Building 

200 Medical Plaza, Suite 660

Los Angeles, CA 90095 

Phone: 310-794-1086

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Parking is available in the Medical Plaza underground parking structure. The hours of operation for the parking booth are Monday to Friday 5:30am - 6:00pm. The fee for parking is a flat rate of $12. These rates are subject to change without notice. Daily parking permits can be purchased at the parking kiosk upon your arrival. 


Surgery Center of the South Bay 

23500 Madison Street

Torrance, CA 90505

Phone: 310-803-9401


Parking is available in the parking lot of the surgery center. There is no fee for parking. 

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